MT Bross - One of our favorties!

Located above Alma, this is one of our favorite ATV trips.  It combines a 360 degree view of the mountains and Alma and Fairplay with being the highest ATV trip we have made, 14,230 ft.  The roads are narrow but drivable in most all 4-wheel vehicles.  We, of course, would rather ATV it!  The view of Kite Lake to the southwest is breathtaking.

Old mill and a outpost on the far hill. Not quite to the summit.
Summit looking Southwest - Kite Lake Kite Lake, with the sunlight shining on it
Montgomery Reservoir and Hosier Pass toward Breckenridge Looking East toward Fairplay
Looking toward Mt Lincoln and the "goat trail" I would realllly love to take my ATV on this puppy!
Coming down overlooking Alma Ruins
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An old cable pull