Campground of the Rockies-Our summer home

The campground, affectionately called "CORA", is located about 12 miles south of Fairplay, CO, on US285.

We found this little spot of heaven in late summer of 1998.  We had spent the summer looking for a lot in the Buena Vista area to build on eventually, while living in our 5th wheel camper during the summer months.  Local ordinances would not allow us to do this.  So, prior to heading out for the winter, we happened by the Campground of the Rockies, located in South Park.  We were aware of this facility which is both well laid out and well kept.  But we were not interested in a site among other campers.  We were interested in a grand view for my telescope and plenty of space. As it turned out...they had both!

The facility has two primary areas: three primary campgrounds on the valley floor, and a secondary campground on a relatively flat hill to the southwest.





If you would like to see what we have discovered.......






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